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MediationA Fit Force For Mediation

Michael Doolittle P.C.

With almost four decades of experience, Michael Doolittle P.C. is a perfect fit to work with you throughout the mediation process. At Michael Doolittle P.C., our compassion for our clients is second to none.

What Is Mediation, And What Does A Mediation Lawyer Do?

Mediation is the process to help individuals going through a divorce reach agreements regarding property, custody, finances, alimony, etc. It involves a third party, a mediation lawyer, who is made aware of the assets and decisions in question and works with the parties to reach a settlement. An experienced mediation lawyer will ensure that everyone involved feels seen and heard and that neither party is shown bias.

How Does The Mediation Process Work?

After an initial consultation in which a divorce mediation attorney is agreed upon to serve as a mediator, the appointed will acquire all of the necessary information from both parties in order to proceed.

The mediator will typically have an agenda at each meeting so that the individuals are privy to the intended discussion. The agenda is based on the information that was requested and collected by the mediator.

Throughout the process, the mediation lawyer will attempt to reconcile issues. Once all of the perceived issues have been resolved, a settlement will be reached and become a legally binding agreement via the mediator.

In almost 80% of mediation cases, the mediation approach is effective, and a settlement is reached.

What Are The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation?

The most obvious benefit of divorce mediation is the ability to rely on a third-party to navigate the divorce process with you and your spouse without worrying about having a disadvantage in a courtroom setting. The conversation can go at your own pace, and you are not required to agree to anything that the mediator suggests. While the mediator might not be able to provide legal advice, they are also not providing that advice to the other party. This creates an even playing field that the courtroom often cannot. Furthermore, the two parties are in control of the divorce progression and outcome, not a judge.

Many people find mediation most suitable for the following reasons:

  • Mediation saves both parties money;
  • Mediation can be time-effective;
  • Mediation provides an environment for open communication;
  • Mediation can be less stressful for the individuals and their families;
  • Mediation does not force either party into anything;
  • Mediation is informal and unrestricted in regard to time;
  • And many more!

Why Is Michael Doolittle The Optimal Mediator?

Michael Doolittle P.C. services Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas by providing consistent, passionate legal help. The firm will work with you to ensure that your best interests are regarded to the highest extent.

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If you have questions for a mediation lawyer, consult with an attorney from Michael Doolittle P.C. Our family law firm will work alongside you to efficiently address and navigate the mediation process. If you are located in or near Boise, Idaho, call (208) 703-0124 for a consultation.

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