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Juvenile Defense

Juvenile DefenseCrafting A Sound Strategy For Juvenile Defense

Michael Doolittle P.C. understands that facing criminal charges is extremely difficult for anyone. There is so much more on the line for those who face them at a younger age. A conviction on a young person’s record will stay with them for the rest of their lives and have significant implications in various aspects of their lives, whether impacting their ability to acquire gainful employment and generate wealth or jeopardizing their right to vote.

Our Juvenile Defense Services

Our Boise, ID-based juvenile defense law firm offers comprehensive solutions to all who find themselves in these situations. Our juvenile defense services range from providing juvenile defense counsel to serving as your juvenile defense lawyer in court.

Common Charges Juveniles Face


  • Many teenagers are curious about what is just beyond their legal grasp – alcohol. Getting caught driving under the influence of alcohol may be one of the biggest regrets of their life because of the consequences.

Drug crimes

  • Exact penalties vary depending on the type and quantity of drug you are charged with possessing. Regardless, it will be a blot on your record with substantial consequences. We will fight the potential $15,000 in fines and seven years in prison for you.


  • Being convicted of burglary can get you one to ten years in prison. We will advocate for you in court so you do not lose some of the best years of your life.

Resisting arrest

  • It can be challenging for young people to control their passions fully. Failure to do so may lead to a charge with thousands in fines and a year in jail.

How We Tackle Your Case

We listen to minors and their parents, knowing full well that, in some ways, it is just as difficult, if not more, for parents to undergo the experience of their child being charged with a crime as it is for the child.

Although every case is unique and thus different, we tend to have the following method for handling cases. We are open to questions or suggestions at any time if you feel your situation warrants a different approach.

  1. We set up a consultation. Here, we listen to the story from all relevant perspectives — that is, both you and your child, if applicable. We record all necessary information, especially the:
    1. Location of the incident.
    2. Date and time of the incident.
    3. Other participants in the incident.
    4. What information the police already got out of you/your child.
  2. The juvenile defense lawyer assigned to your case unpacks all of the laws surrounding your charge so you fully understand, as much as possible, everything you face, including penalties.
  3. Once you are up to speed, your juvenile defense counsel begins to develop a legal strategy specific to your case and its circumstances. This is the beginning of what will become your charges being reduced or dropped, if possible.

Since everyone has a different exposure to the law, we go as slowly or quickly as you desire. Either way, we want you to feel comfortable and as though you have a clear shot at turning your current situation around. This is critical for your health along your journey in your juvenile defense case, which is nearly as important to us as getting the ruling you need.

Contact Us Today To See Justice

Partner with us to ensure you see justice and get the ruling you deserve. Do not risk the consequences otherwise – they are too great with implications for decades of your life.

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