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Criminal Defense

Criminal DefenseLeading Boise, ID, Criminal Defense Law Firm

Michael Doolittle P.C. is a criminal defense law firm headed by Michael Doolittle. The firm boasts a tried and true command of the law, proven by Michael Doolittle’s hundreds of court trials and dozens of jury trials throughout his 38 years of experience as a crime victim attorney. Over his three decades of serving Boise, ID, and beyond, he has brought justice to countless individuals facing severe consequences as their criminal lawyer and is prepared to do the same for you.

What Exactly Is Criminal Defense?

Criminal defense refers to the part of the law that typically consists of violent crimes. The following are common criminal defense crimes.

  • Assault and battery

These charges are usually misdemeanors for crimes that bring physical, bodily harm to another. These charges can be classified as aggravated, or more serious, if:

  • Deadly chemicals or weapons are used.
  • A pregnant woman or a developing child in her womb is injured.
  • It disfigures, disables, or seriously injures another.
  • Theft

These charges are brought against those who take another person’s property without lawful consent and any intention of returning it. Theft is often classified as a felony.

  • Burglary

The State of Idaho defines burglary in chapter 14, title 18 of Idaho Statutes. In it, it decrees that whoever enters a house, room, apartment, etc., intending to commit theft or any felony, is guilty of burglary. If convicted, you can face one to ten years in prison. Retaining a criminal justice attorney as soon as possible can significantly increase your chances of mitigating these harsh penalties.

  • Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are essentially assault and battery. What is different is that they are directed at specific people – spouses, whether current or former, someone you had a child with who is not a spouse, or cohabitants. What’s more, they typically bring stricter penalties than assault and battery off the bat.

  • Manslaughter And Murder

The State of Idaho defines this as the unlawful killing of a human being with malicious intent. This law protects embryos or fetuses as well. First-degree charges bring with them the death penalty or life in prison, and second degree, ten years to life in prison. We will ensure you get a fair hearing and strive to get your penalty reduced if you face a charge.

There are many other types of crimes that fall under criminal defense law. One of our criminal defense lawyers can serve you in your journey in the legal system even if your charge is not one of the laws mentioned above.

What Michael Doolittle P.C. Does For You

If you have been charged with any of these or similar crimes, a criminal lawyer will significantly help you. Michael Doolittle P.C. offers comprehensive criminal defense services, leveraging our expertise specifically to your case. From there, we work to have your charges reduced or eliminated altogether whenever possible. Having the stain of a crime on your record has tremendous implications across numerous aspects of your life. Do not risk succumbing to this due to the failure to get a robust legal defense.

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