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Child Custody And Parenting Arrangements

Child Custody And Parenting Arrangements

Keeping Your Child’s Best Interests Front And Center

For parents with minor children, one of the most difficult parts of a divorce is worrying about what will happen to their kids. Child custody is a serious concern during a divorce. It can also surface when unmarried couples have children.

No matter your situation, keeping your child’s best interests a priority should be the goal when dealing with child custody matters. Working with a Boise parenting arrangement lawyer can help you understand your rights and establish a child custody plan that works for the entire family.

As a family law attorney and mediation lawyer, Michael Doolittle is passionate about assisting families with their legal matters, including divorce and child custody. Mr. Doolittle understands the problems that families face during child custody disagreements, and he has helped countless families find solutions.

What Can A Boise Child Custody Lawyer Do For Me?

A child custody and parenting arrangements attorney can offer support in many ways. At Michael Doolittle P.C., our services are based on your specific situation and your goals for yourself and your children. We may provide legal aid by:

  • Informing you of your parental rights, and fighting for these rights
  • Assisting you with documentation and paperwork
  • Collecting information about living situations and the child’s relationship with each parent
  • Guiding you through the court process and offering legal advice
  • Helping with making changes to an existing custody arrangement
  • And ..

Overall, a child custody attorney can offer legal guidance that reduces your stress in a difficult situation. Parenting arrangements lawyers can also ensure that your child’s best interests are being served through these tough decisions.

When Is A Child Custody Lawyer Needed?

While some parents may be able to reach an agreement on their own about parenting arrangements, others may require professional assistance. When there is a dispute about child custody, a child custody attorney can fight for your parental rights.

It might also be useful to work with a child custody and parenting arrangements attorney when the family situation is more complicated. For example, a lawyer might be necessary if one of the parents lives in another state or has a history of substance abuse, domestic violence or mental illness..

When disagreements arise, another option is working with a family or divorce mediation attorney. This is a neutral third party who helps the parents reach an agreement about custody arrangements in a more peaceful manner.

What Is The Role Of A Child Custody Mediation Attorney?

Often, the best solutions to child custody disagreements come from meeting with a family mediation attorney. Also known as a child custody mediation attorney, a mediator can help parents come to an agreement about parenting arrangements and visitation schedules.

Working with a family or divorce mediation attorney means parents can create a child custody plan that works for everyone, rather than having a courtroom judge make these important decisions for them. Reaching a mutual agreement is beneficial for both the parents and their children. What’s more, hiring a family mediation lawyer may save your family time and money.

Call Michael Doolittle P.C. For Compassionate Legal Assistance

If you’re going through a divorce and have child custody concerns, it’s important to reach out to a knowledgeable parenting arrangements lawyer. With more than 40 years in practice, attorney Michael Doolittle has the experience your family needs to resolve your child custody case.

Our child custody law firm serves clients throughout the greater Boise, ID area. If you need compassionate and professional legal aid, reach out to Michael Doolittle P.C. today. To schedule an initial consultation with an experienced family mediation attorney or child custody lawyer, call our office at (208) 639-1845.

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