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Hiring An Alimony Attorney To Redress The Balance

Hiring An Alimony Attorney To Redress The BalanceDivorce is always hard, but for many, it can also seem deeply unfair. A spouse who put aside their career to spend decades looking after children may be left with nothing. An author who finally made their big break may be asked to pay the person who used to hold them back.

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is a set of lifelong or temporary payments ordered by the court that one spouse must pay to the other, and they are often the source of further friction even after separation.

In Boise, Idaho, if you are left struggling to pay an unfair alimony, or need to receive spousal support to survive, Michael Doolittle is the Alimony case attorney you need.

Alimony Is Not Automatic, Spousal Support Is Not Set In Stone

Contrary to popular beliefs and misrepresentations in the media, spousal support is not automatic in every divorce. Alimony is something the court can order, based on a number of factors, but has no requirement to do so.

In Idaho, Alimony can be ordered on either a permanent or temporary basis by the court. In addition, spousal support may be ordered, added, or adjusted later by the court.

This means if you are struggling to get by after your divorce because of insufficient or egregious alimony, it is not too late to seek out an attorney who can help!

How Is Alimony Or Spousal Support Decided In Idaho?

During the divorce or alimony case, Idaho courts will generally award alimony based on need. If one spouse has significantly more income and wealth than the other, or if one is struggling to get by after giving up a career, then spousal support may be ordered.

Nevertheless, Boise courts and judges will take into consideration any number of relevant factors when making an alimony decision. This is why it is crucial to have a family law attorney who is experienced in alimony or spousal support argumentation on your side during or after a divorce.

Elements that could influence the decision to order spousal support, or the amount of alimony allocated, include (but are not limited to):

  • Spouses’ relative salaries, wealth, and assets
  • Spouses’ experience in the workforce
  • Upcoming or ongoing expenses (such as tuition, students loans, and more)
  • Spouses’ overall health, age, as well as any specific medical conditions
  • The duration of the marriage and cause of divorce

Thus while need and the ability to pay remain the key factors in determining spousal support in Idaho, the case you bring forward with the help of your attorney could have a considerable impact on the alimony you will receive…or be required to pay.

Nevertheless, if you have found yourself in an unfair alimony situation, do not give up. A spousal support modification can be made with the help of an experienced attorney like Michael Doolittle.

Altering Alimony With A Spousal Support Modification Attorney

Only a small share of alimony arrangements in Idaho are non-modifiable, and those must have been agreed to by both spouses. In the vast majority of divorce cases, spousal support is neither eternal nor unmodifiable.

Either spouse, the one paying or the one receiving alimony, can file to request a change in the arrangement. Doing so is not always easy, however, as it requires showing that your or your spouse’s circumstances have changed  “substantially and materially”.

This could be because of a dramatic shift in either partner’s revenue, or because of an unexpected need. Either way, you will want a seasoned spousal support modification attorney at your side to present your case and help achieve the best possible result.

The court will then determine whether an increase, decrease, or end, to spousal support payments is in order.

Do Not Get Stuck In An Unfair Spousal Support Situation

Whether you are only just starting to contemplate divorce, or whether you have been left in an inequitable spousal support situation for years after your separation in or near Boise Idaho, Michael Doolittle can help.

As an experienced alimony and spousal support attorney, he can help you get the alimony you need to survive, or avoid paying excessive spousal support your partner does not need.

Do not give up, call or contact us today to start redressing the balance.

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